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What can ALLBILL do?
With ALLBILL, you can create quotations, convert them into orders, and Write bills. Recurring invoices can also be created in no time at all: you can use them to create rental, license, and other invoices, Create financing and leasing models.

In addition, it is possible to add different accounts and also to use them with different tax rates (e.g. hardware 19%, services/ books/ food 7%). You can import your customers from existing systems or create new ones.

In the menu item "Statistics" you can create preset queries as well as your own. Different employees can have accounts (workstations) with different access rights can be created.

The access to the system is by the way very simple: You simply open a browser and type in your specific website URL.
Thus the software is also mobile without problems to use and operating system independent.
Create offers & write invoices
  • Recurring invoices for rental, license, financing and leasing models automate
  • Create different accounting accounts
  • Creation of employees (workstations) with differently restricted accesses
  • Access via web browser, thus usable with Windows, macOS, Linux, as well as responsive for iOS and Android
  • Hardware costs in the low two-digit range or hosted

Billing in the cloud

ALLBILL is a cloud-based billing system that helps you to manage recurring Automate settlements in the twinkling of an eye.

Of course, ALLBILL can also be used for to carry out customer care and billing quickly and clearly.

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